10 Reasons Why Homebuyers Should Never Skip a Home Inspection

A home inspection is essential to the home buying process. Even if you are buying a home “as is,” you should get a home inspected by a professional.  

It gives you an idea of what you have to deal with, regardless of whether you have an inspection contingency. The average home inspection provides a complete assessment of a home.  

This includes the home’s: 

  • Electrical systems  
  • Interior plumbing 
  • Foundation
  • Roof 
  • Wall 
  • Ceilings 
  • Windows 
  • Doors
  • Attic 
  • Basement 
  • Heating and ventilation 
  • Airconditioning 
  • Other structural components 
  • Major appliances that will be sold with the home are also included in the report 

Major appliances that will be sold with the home are also included in the report. 

Here are the 10 most important reasons why new home buyers need a professional home inspection. 

1. A Home Inspection Provides an Unbiased Opinion about the Condition of a Home 

A realtor or home seller can lie about the state of a property. Home inspectors provide an unbiased and professional opinion on its current condition.  

Their report will include any major repairs that should be addressed prior to your purchase. 

2. A Home Inspector Can Assess a Home’s Systems and Physical Structure 

A home inspector will assess the structural integrity of a property’s foundation, roof, walls, ceilings, windows, doors, attic, and basement.  

They will also see if the systems in the home are working or not. This includes plumbing and electrical panel, as well as the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC). 

3. A Home Inspection Looks for Potentially Dangerous Issues 

Home inspectors will inform you of potentially dangerous problems such as gas leaks, water damage, or foundation cracks.  

If they detect plumbing issues, electrical problems, and other deal breakers, they will include it in the home inspection report. 

4. A Home Inspection Offers Advice about Repairs 

Home inspectors offer professional insight on what to do with certain issues. They can help you avoid costly repairs on the property. 

5. A Home Inspection Helps You Learn about Your New Home 

The home inspection process is a terrific learning opportunity. New homebuyers usually do not know what they are looking for in a house. By inspecting several homes, buyers can have a better idea of what they want. 

6. A Home Inspection Helps You Determine What to Ask Your Real Estate Agent and the Seller 

A professional home inspector will help you prepare questions for the realtor or home seller. One important question to ask is who will pay for repairs. 

Issues that arise during home inspections can be addressed before the sale of a home is complete. If you have to shoulder some or all of the repairs, you will know how much they cost based on the final report.  

7. A Home Inspection Reveals What Repairs You’ll Need to Prioritize 

Your home inspector can tell you whether the repairs are necessary or if they can wait until you’ve settled into your home.  

A home inspection gives home buyers a list of things they need to address before finalizing a purchase. 

8. A Home Inspection Protects Your Financial Investment 

A home inspection allows you to protect your financial interests. You will know what is wrong with the property before you even buy it. From there, you can decide whether or not you will push through with the purchase.. 

9. Home Inspectors Can Spot Code Violations 

Certified home inspectors will alert you if the home has code violations. If they are not resolved, you may be legally held responsible for any consequences.  

This can affect your future plans with the property, especially if you don’t intend to immediately repair it after moving in. 

10. A Home Inspection is the First Step to Making the Home Yours 

A home inspection is a great way to get to know your new property. For that reason alone, it’s pretty much always worth the cost. 

Home inspections also give you an idea of what you are getting for your money.  

You can find out which issues need to be taken care of before you move into your new home. This makes the process easier and more enjoyable for everyone involved.  

If you are worried about the cost of home inspection, you can try including it in the purchase contract, but this is rare. Most of the time, home buyers pay for the home inspection.  

Many home buyers build an inspection contingency into their contracts. This gives them a way out if the home requires more repairs than they can afford.  

Regardless of how much a home inspection costs, it is well worth paying for. It can save you from buying a home that may end up costing more than you bargained for. 

Suncoast Team

Suncoast Team

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